The Crown Hookah bowl was introduce by Minzari. A crown bowl uses the same concept as an Inverted Bowl. It consista of two bowls. The upper bowl is packed with shisha tobacco and the lower bowls holds the coals. Crown bowls offer easy control on the amount of heating of the tobacco and longer lasting shisha flavors without any harshness.

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1. Pros and Cons

+ Easy heat management - You can control the heat by adjusting the distance of the coal tray from the bottom of the shisha bowl
+ Almost no ash going to the tobacco
+ Won’t break when dropped

- Tobacco juices dripping through the holes of the shisha bowls and go to the charcoals (especially the extra juicy tobacco)

2. How does it work

Crown bolwl consists of two bowls. The upper bowl is packed with shisha tobacco. The lower bowl is loaded with coals. The distance between the upper and the lower bowl is easily adjusted by turing the lower bowl around its screw type axis. This design allows the tobacco to be slowly vaporized rather than burning quickly with direct coal contact.


3. Crown bowl price, brands and sellers

3.1. Minzari Hookah Crown

    Material: Stainless Steel
    Price: 85 USD 
    Buy Online at:

3.2. Unbranded crown bowl

Manufacturer: ROYAL SHISHA
    Material: aluminum
    Price: 45 USD
    Buy online at: Aliexpress

4. How to pack a Crown Bowl



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